We Turn Complex Opportunities Into Exceptional Outcomes

Range is committed to achieving outstanding results by providing unbiased land brokerage services on the behalf of our clients. We investigate all available opportunities, on and off-market, whether listed by us or a third party brokerage.

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100+ Properties

10,000+ Acres

$500M+ Value

We Excel in 4 Areas


Land Dispositions

We are Redefining Land Brokerage by taking a specialized and client-centric approach based on trust, experience, and technology to maximize value for our clients in today’s complex real estate market.

We focus on all asset classes within high growth suburban land markets across DFW and we treat your property like our property. We formulate a strategic plan to market your property based on our market knowledge, highest and best use trends, zoning, and utilities to position your property to create the highest value.

  • We leverage our professional relationships with developers, local authorities, and industry stakeholders to serve as the key liaison for each transaction.
  • We align with your objectives to source the best buyer and by streamlining the process through creating custom marketing strategies, due diligence and expert negotiation support to build profitable relationships.
  • Your Goals. Your Property. Our Expertise.
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Tailored Buyer Representation

Range is reimagining the traditional approach of land brokerage by incorporating the tried and true “tenant representation” methodology by working with buyers, developers, and tenants to conduct unbiased advocacy on the behalf of our clients.

By focusing on the needs and preferences of our clients, we show all opportunities in a market area, whether it’s listed by Range, a third-party brokerage, or an off-market opportunity. In essence, we’re match makers of the development world.

We’ve matched all asset types in suburban growth markets including residential land for single family or master planned communities, build-to-rent, multifamily, and townhome, industrial, mixed-use, and retail pad sites.

  • Tailored Solutions: Businesses and investors receive land options that align precisely with their needs, resulting in more successful and profitable ventures.
  • Saves Time and Resources:By focusing on the buyer’s perspective, this approach can streamline the land acquisition process, reducing time and costs.
  • Mitigates Risk: Informed decisions, due diligence support, and expert negotiation can help mitigate risks associated with land acquisitions.
  • Long-Term Partnerships:Build lasting relationships with buyers, who may return for future land needs or recommend your services to others.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide a broad range of advisory services to developers, investors, partnerships, family offices, and governmental entities.

Depending on the task, we assemble a team of professionals to assist clients with the full spectrum of land use and planning services including feasibility studies, due diligence, conceptual design and site plans, and comprehensive marketing plans to provide a fully customized plan of action.

  • Broker price opinion (BPO)
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Conceptual land use planning
  • Zoning and regulatory approvals
  • Market studies

Investment Sales & Leasing

Range offers a growing platform of selling and leasing single and multi-tenant retail properties across the north Texas market area.

Primarily started as a 1031 exchange initiative, Range has worked with numerous buyers to source off-market investment properties for long-term value creation. Whether our clients are buying, selling, or leasing, we utilize our proprietary, data-driven insights that provide us with a competitive edge that produces exceptional returns.

By understanding the needs and metrics of developers, investors, landlords, and tenants, our experience has proven to exceed our client’s expectations.

How the Process Works

We Act as your Boots on the Ground to Source the Most Developable Land Possible

We know where the growth is going, who the players are, and how to get the details developers need to move forward confidently.


Define the Goals

We consult with you to clarify your goals and objectives.


Identify Approved Uses

We understand local politics to determine allowable uses.


Present Viable Options

We provide on-market and off-market opportunities to present the best options available.


Thorough Due Diligence

We support you in due diligence and act as your boots on the ground.


Perform Detailed Analysis

We provide you with in-depth market data, comparable sales, and mapping to ensure an informed decision is made.


Expert Negotiation

We leverage our experience of negotiating to get you the best deal. 

A Proven Method to Sell Your Land in a Complex Market

We don’t bring you the first deal, we vet all the candidates and bring you the best deal.


Define the Goals

We consult with you to clarify your goals and objectives.


In-Depth Analysis

We understand constraints and opportunities in detail before moving forward.


Present a Plan

We provide you with a comprehensive broker price opinion utilizing market data and realistic comparable data.


Target the Right Buyers

We formulate a targeted marketing strategy leveraging our extensive network.


On-Going Marketing Initiatives

We create a suite of best in class marketing materials that showcase your property and supports our aggressive marketing initiatives.


Expert Negotiation

We leverage our negotiation experience to successfully secure you the best buyer.